Wooden Stampers - Enchanted Mini Kit with Playdough

Wooden Stampers - Enchanted Mini Kit with Playdough

The Enchanted Mini Kit is perfect for magical, plastic free-play. 

It contains everything your little one needs for imaginative, sensory, holistic play. 

The enchanted Mini kits contain 1 large branch stamper and 2 smaller branch stampers. A wooden honey spoon & nature pieces (i.e pebbles) It also features the popular enchanted natural playdough - a soft pink coloured playdough coloured naturally using fruit powders, sprinkled with organically grown flowers and biodegradable glitter. It is subtly scented with 100 percent grapefruit oil and all packed away in a cotton bag


Playdough comes in a 150 gram tin. 

Handmade with love in Australia. 


Please note all playdough contains WHEAT. Although care is taken to avoid contamination, playdough is made in a home environment where NUTS and other ALLERGENS are consumed. 


Age 5+ Please use only under direct adult supervision. CONTAINS SMALL PARTS - which may pose as a choking hazard.