Urthly Organics - Lemon Myrtle & Poppy Seed

Urthly Organics - Lemon Myrtle & Poppy Seed


This gorgeous handmade soap stars Lemon Myrtle, known to have many beneficial properties and a strong citrus scent.  Complemented with poppy seeds as an exfoliant, this medium scrub soap does it all. Cleanse, smooth and moisturise all in one hit. 

Benefits of Lemon Myrtle: 
Strong antibacterial, anti-fungal and antiviral properties
Good for oily/ acne prone skin as it helps balance the skins production of natural oils 
Antifungal properties can assist with the treatment of Athletes Foot

Natural deodorising properties and insect detterent 
Can assist with sinus relief and congestion

Poppy Seeds: 
Great natural exfoliant, promoting skin cell renewal 

All Urthly Organics Soaps are Certified Palm Oil free



    Made with saponified *olive oil, coconut oil, *cocoa butter, *shea butter, *hempseed oil and macadamia oil, kaolin clay, poppy seeds and essential oils (lemon myrtle). 

    *Organic ingredient