MEERABOO Soy Candle - Lemon Myrtle

MEERABOO Soy Candle - Lemon Myrtle

Part of the Australian Botanicals Collection, this beautiful candle combines the refreshing scents of Lemon Myrtle, Eucalyptus and fresh herbal notes. Bring the scents of spring inside with this light and uplifting fragrance.  

Handpoured in regional NSW these beautiful large candles are made with 100% natural soy wax and have a burn time of 50+ hours.

With a timeless white and gold colour palette this candle not only smells divine but blends easily with any decor style.


The Botanicals collection also features a limited edition printed box showcasing beautiful artwork created by Indigenous artist Holly Sanders.


    To ensure the longevity and a quality burn of your candle, please follow our top 3 tips:

    Tip 1: When lighting for the first time, burn for a minimum of 2 hours or until the wax melts across the entire surface of the jar. This prevents tunnelling and creates an even burn.

    Tip 2: DO NOT burn your candle for longer than 4 hours at one time. This can damage the wick and cause an undesirable burn.

    Tip 3: Before each burn, trim wick to 5mm to promote an even burn, steady flame and limit mushrooming of the wick.