Handmade Plant Cover - Natural

Handmade Plant Cover - Natural

Handmade by Restore Grace, a talented sister duo in the Snowy Mountains, these gorgeous plant covers offer beautiful and simple style for any home. Designed to slip over your existing plant pot and with a variety of patterns and reversible options, adding a stylish touch or feature piece to your room couldn't be easier. 

Wondering how to water? If over watering your plants is a concern for you, simply place a plate or saucer inside you planter bag underneath your plastic pot. This will catch any water overflow from the plant and also hide the plate or saucer. Please note this is not a necessary step.

  • Size Guide

    To fit a 140mm/6 inch diameter pot and approx 170mm/7 inch high (adjustable depending on fold)

    Fabric: Heavyweight Flax